Energy Handshake

by Yancey Grantham

I would like to share an energy exchange technique that I enjoy using. I call it the “energy handshake.” You hold out your hands and start running your energy. The other person holds their hands between yours.

After you have energized their hands trade positions, put your hands between their hands and to enjoy their energy.

This is a simple greeting where you exchange energy quickly and easily. I wish everyone would do it.

While we are holding our hands around each others we talk like we normally do. In other words, once we start running the energy we don’t have to just concentrate on that, it’s going on in the background. We smile, listen and talk while taking turns exchanging hand positions.

The time it takes is all up to you and the situation. It can be as quick as a few seconds each or as long as both parties feel comfortable.

It’s historians guess that the hand shake originated as a way to show you were not holding a weapon. “Hi I’m not going to hurt you.” Let’s evolve this into the Energy Handshake where it’s “hi, let’s share energy and make each other better.”

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Energize Your Money

by Yancey Grantham

January 22 is Worldwide Energize Your Money Day1 but every day is a good day to give energy to your money.

Energizing coin and paper money is easy. While you are holding it or carrying it on you, use your energy to give it a good charge.

  • clears lower vibrations
  • benefits others
  • increases your awareness

By charging your money with positive powerful energy you clear it of lower vibrations.

Who knows how many people in the future will benefit from receiving charged money passed from you?

Putting your energy into your money makes you hyper-aware and careful how you use it.

My rules for money management:

24 Rule

If it cost over $24 then I have to wait 24 hours to buy it. This is an impulse control rule. When I see something I want to buy, and if it was not something already planned like gas or food, if the item is over $24 then I have to wait 24 hours to buy it.

I have broken this rule. But that is why it is there, to stop almost all of the impulse spending. It has to be a really good reason for me to break this rule.

Miss it 3 Times Rule

Ohhhh, I want that. I do that all the time. But do I NEED that? How can I tell? I put it through the “Miss it 3 Times Rule.”

If I see something I want I wait until I need it three times. Then it has come closer to me to justif spending money on it. This rule does not apply to the basic needs of living but is for anything that is “extra.”

January is Financial Wellness Month and International Wealth Mentality Month.

Key Points

  • Giving energy to your money sends your energy to the world
  • Charging money makes you hyper aware of spending
  • You can energy coins, paper, checks, cards and numbers

Self Talk
I get my energy going and I energize my money. I visualize my positive energy helping others spend wisely as they get my money passed to them. Money is the energy of our economy and by energizing it I attract more to me.

  1. January 22 is Worldwide Energize Your Money Day!/FansofEnergy/posts/146384322086569
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