Energy Cotton Envelopes

Hi, I’m Yancey and I created the Energy Cotton Envelopes.

I have many friends who are gifted energy workers. I had received distant healing from them but I wanted more. I wanted an easy way for them to “send” me some of their energy.

Everything can hold a vibration, people use water and glass for energy containers. Mesmer even used metal rods suspended in water. The joke here is that metal rods in water are a little hard to ship.

In the book Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, M.D. cites successful research that was done with healers using cotton as containers for energy.

I started out using cotton balls which worked fine but they did not go through the Post Offices’ sorters because of their size. I am now using flat cotton. It is 100% organic and feels so soft.

It has been working for my experiment. I have sent my friends the cotton envelope, they charge it and send it back to me.