Energy Party! with Energy MC YanceyG

Energizing energy party where you will increase your energy.Hi I’m Energy MC YanceyG. 🙂

I throw an Energy Party every month and I want YOU to be there!

Consider yourself invited.
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It’s online so you attend by joining us at the meeting page.

It’s free and easy.

We play music, dance and have fun with our personal energy.

The party is organized to get your energy flowing.

We start by grounding ourselves then we get our energy flowing by exercising our creativity.

Then your energy grows through your body just like everyone at the party.

Next is a Group Written Guided Meditation. This is amazing, people at the party type into chat where they want the meditation to go.

At the end we do a Group Shared Energy Exchange. Many of us at the party are talented in energy work including distance healing. We have people who come to the party just for the healing energy of the exchange. This is fascinating and can be life changing.

Who is YanceyG?
As a DJ YanceyG has energized over 500 parties. As a MC YanceyG has been Master of Ceremony at over 400 corporate events. It’s the attendees that benefit, YanceyG has a way of making everyone feel good, happy and glad to be at the party.

As an energy worker YanceyG works with people to help then feel and grow their chi. He writes a daily energy intention on Facebook at Fans of Energy. He works with many groups including the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness where he is a member of “The CRV/Energy Healing Non-Local Consciousness Project.” CRV is Controlled remote viewing and the project focus is on the healing aspect of the practice.

The Energy Party combines Yancey’s love for music, people, and healing energy. It’s something to be experienced, please join us.

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