Energize Your Virtual Hula Hoop

by Yancey Grantham

On my Facebook Page, Fans of Energy, we were having fun with it being worldwide energize your hips day.

Ivy Lynn1 wrote in:

This got me going!

Ivy Lynn, Master of the Hula Hoop

I didn’t have a hula hoop so I used my imagination. I got my energy going then visualized it in a circle around my body. Having to concentrate hard, I made it into a hula hoop size. It was just suspended there so I had to grab it then swing it started just like you would a hula hoop.

At this point my hips started moving. I realized at this point that if you have never used a hula hoop this game might be a little harder for you. It’s like my hips remembered the type of pushing gyrating that you need to keep the momentum of the hula hoop going.

Once I got it going it was a blast! After I kept the main hoop going for awhile I started with two smaller hoops on my wrists. Want to challenge your visualization skills? Keep three visualized hula hoops going at the same time. When I lost my lock on the visualization it was like the hoop dropped. I’d pick it up and start again.

Key Points

  • Like Ivy says, getting your hips moving is great cardio and fun
  • Visualizing an energy hula hoop encircling you, going behind your back is challenging
  • Keeping three moving visualizations going for several minutes is difficult

Self Talk
I am great at visualizing my energy and I can see and feel an energy hula hoop easily. Playing games with my imagination helps my focus become stronger and stronger. I love laughing when I’m hula hooping my energy with my hips.

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