Play with your energy as a Yo-Yo.

by Yancey Grantham

In this game, get your energy going1 and mold it into a Yo-Yo with a string attached to your finger. Yo your energy yo-yo.

Bonjour, I’m Yancey and I have been known to carry a Yo-Yo. The Yo-Yo, the essence of fun. In this game, we will be visualizing our energy as Yo-Yo’s.

Get your energy flowing, rub your hands together and feel for your energy.

Visualize holding your energy as a Yo-Yo. Grip the Yo-Yo, make a “muscle” and toss the Yo-Yo down. Let it hit the bottom, the end of the string, then jerk the string to make it come back up into your hand. Now throw it down and be soft on the end and let the Yo-Yo spin. This has been called the “Power Throw and Sleeper.”2

Make sure to be accurate and keep the Yo-Yo from spinning off balance.

With a real Yo-Yo the string might get too tight. You have to let the Yo-Yo go down to the end then you have to spin the Yo-Yo to untwist the string. I do this with my energy Yo-Yo as well. 🙂

For a variation on this game you can be ambidextrous, throw the Yo-Yo with each hand. Now throw with both hands at the same time.

Watch this video if you have never thrown a Yo-Yo before.

The Yo-Yo is considered the world second oldest toy with a doll being the oldest.3
The Yo-Yo is called a bandalore by the British and the French call it a incroyable or l’emigrette.4

Key Points

  • Playing with visualizing your energy as a Yo-Yo makes it fun.
  • Visualizing the string and the Yo-Yo adds to the creativity of the game.
  • There is a chance that your ancestors great ancestors played with a Yo-Yo, bandalore or incroyable.

Self Talk
I enjoy having fun visualizing my energy. I am great at visualizing playing with my energy as a Yo-Yo, I can easily see the string, the Yo-Yo and the movement. I can feel the string pulling on my finger.

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